Search engine optimization (SEO)

Eligibility – 12+ with Basic of Computer                    Duration – 6 Months

Part -1

Understanding basics of SEO and it’s effect on the website ranking
  • What is SEO and importance of SEO
  • Understanding different kinds of Search Engines and it’s percentage of searches
  • What is bots, website cache and crawlers
  • How search engine works
  • What is difference between Directories and Search Engines
  • What is organic results, local results and paid results in Google
  • Understanding difference between Black-Hat SEO, White SEO and Gray-hat SEO
  • How SEO affects website ranking and business

Part – 2

HTML and CSS Coding
  • Writing code of HTML
  • Using colour, fonts and sizes
  • Understanding CSS
  • Making a basic layout with DIV CSS
  • What is difference between HTML4 and HTML5

Part – 3

Responsive and Mobile friendly website
  • Understanding view port
  • Will my website be affect in SE ranking if website is not responsive and mobile friendly?
  • Will Google penalize if my website is not mobile friendly?
  • Checking your website if its mobile Friendly or not
  • Asking your designers/developer to fix errors.
  • Using Google and other tools to check if the website is mobile friendly or not
  • Much more in this topic in book and lecture

Part – 4

Keywords Research and Analysis
  • What is keywords and why it’s important
  • Understanding how keywords work
  • What is long-tail keywords, phrase patterns, and plurals
  • Using Google’s Keyword Planner
  • Analyzing competitor’s keywords
  • Checking keyword competitiveness and its effects
  • Choosing best keywords for maximum benefits
  • Mixing keywords in your website for maximum searchability

Part – 5

On- page SEO module 1 : Header, meta etc optimization
  • Optimizing title tag of your website
  • How to write effective meta description
  • Meta indexing optimization
  • Author and Geo Tags Optimization.
  • How to make SEO friendly URL
  • Optimizing h1, h2, h3 etc.
  • Image Optimization
  • Using SEO breadcrumbs with microformat
  • Optimizing home page, footer and inner pages
  • RSS file creations.
  • Sitemap Creation
On- page SEO module 2
Understanding Google’s Panda Updates
  • What is Panda updates
  • How Panda updates affected SEO
  • How to optimize your content as per Panda updates.
On-Page SEO module 3 :
Content and inbound link optimization
  • Understanding difference between SEO content and normal content
  • How to write SEO friendly content
  • Understanding keyword density and keyword saturation
  • What should be the ideal length of content
  • How to format your content for better SEO indexing and indexing
  • Avoiding duplicate content problem.
  • Using canonical URL for static and dynamic URL
  • Understanding Cannibalization
  • How to overcome Cannibalization problem
  • There is much more in this topic which will be covered in lecture and
  • its mentioned also in the our book.
Page redirection and SEO
  • Understanding redirection in SEO
  • Creating custom 404, 403 pages
  • Understand 301 redirection (Permanent redirection)
  • 302 Temporary Redirection
  • What is mobile redirection and when to use that

Part – 6

Using Schema and Structure data
  • What is structure data and rich snippet
  • Using rich snippet for better SEO
  • Different rich-snippet for different business type
  • What is Microformat and Schema and which one to use
  • Where to use schema in the website
  • Testing schema with Google testing tool
  • Much more which is covered in the lecture as well as book.

Part – 7

Webmaster Tool : Knowing anatomy of your website through Google’s lens.
  • What is Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster tools.
  • Adding your website in Google webmaster
  • Adding your website in Bing webmaster
  • We teach each topic of webmaster in details with real time implementation in the live website
  • Robots.txt file creation & uses
  • XML sitemap creation and submission
  • And each topic is covered in our book also.

Part – 8

What is Google Analytics & it’s use.
  • Creating Google analytics accounts
  • Inserting tracking code into website
  • Understanding different aspects of tracking

Part – 9

Competitor’s Analysis for Off- page SEO
  • What is link building
  • Thorough site analysis for Off-page SEO
  • Analysis of competitor’s website for off-page SEO
  • Using different told to understand competitors backlink
Building Backlinks for website
  • Understanding blog and why its good for your website
  • How to set up a Blog in your website.
  • How to show blog feed in main website.
  • How to write & publish an optimized article on a Blog engine.
  • Optimizing blog for SEO .
  • What is Google’s Penguin update and how this works
  • How penguin updates affected million of websites
  • Understanding inbound links and outbound links
  • How inbound links affects ranking of a website
  • What is natural backlinks
  • Understanding various kinds of backlinks
  • What is dofollow an donotfollow links
  • What is website authority
  • How to make manual backlinks from authority website
  • What is Google PR (Page Rank) and Alexa page rank and how to increase page rank for beter SEO
  • Search Engine submission of the website
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Integrating Social share tools in your website
  • Directory submission
  • Avoiding link farms
  • Understanding blog comments
  • How to find blog from particular niche
  • Article submission to different PR websites for getting backlinks
  • How to find blogs for daily comments
  • What is .edu,.gov domains and what is it’s value
  • How to get .edu, .Gov websites backlinks
  • Submitting your websites to trusted free-classified websites
  • Press-release submisssion and distribution
  • Adding your website to Alexa
  • Checking alexa ranking
  • Video submission and Optimization
  • Yahoo answers and other important form submission

Part – 10

  • Understanding value of local SEO
  • Adding business into Google’s Local business directories
  • How to make your google local lising profile 100% complete
  • Adding your business to bing local listing
  • Adding your business to Yahoo Local listing
  • Understanding what is NAP
  • How NAP affects your GLL
  • What is citation?
  • How to get reviews in Google local listing
  • Bing Local listing.
  • How to optimize your Local SEO with Local directories

Part – 11

Advance On-Page SEO
  • In this section, we are not covering meta title, meta tags etc but less known and advance on-page optimization
  • topics which is important for SEO.
  • This is more of tips and tricks of advance on Page SEO. The topic is covered in lecture as well as book.

Part – 12

Website page load optimization
  • Using different tools to check website speed
  • Optimizing CSS for faster load
  • Optimizing Images for faster load
  • Optimizing html code for faster load
  • Understanding Gzip activation & CDN (Content Delivery Network) management.
  • Minimizing http requests
  • removing blocked content

Part – 13

How to optimize website which someone else already has optimized and left
  • Thorough analysis of the website
  • Checking on-page using different tools
  • Checking backlinks using different tools
  • Fixing on-page errors caused by previous SEO
  • Requesting bad link removal
  • Using Google disavow tool to remove harmful links

Part – 14

Mobile Apps Optimization
  • What is mobile apps optimization
  • How mobile apps optimization is different form website optimization
  • Submitting mobile apps to Google play
  • Optimizing for maximum exposure

Part – 15

Google Adword (PPC)
  • What is PPC
  • Creating adword account
  • Creating campaign
  • Choosing right channel
  • Creating ads
  • Publishing ad
  • Understanding ROI(Return on Investment)
  • Understanding how bid works
  • Tracking and conversion in adword

Part – 16

Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook
  • Creating facebook page
  • Optimizing facebook page
  • Increase facebook likes
  • Twitter
  • Creating twitter account
  • Setting up twitter account
  • Increasing followers
  • g+
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn

Part – 17

CMS Website Optimization
WordPress Optimization :
  • Using WordPress inbuilt features to make SEO friendly.
  • SEO plugins for WordPress
  • How to change title, meta etc using plugin
  • Image optimization
  • Internal linking in WordPress
  • xml sitemap creation
  • sitemap creation in WordPress
Joomla SEO Optimization
  • Configure joomla for SEO
  • Using Joomla component for making SEO friendly
  • Make Url SEO friendly using inbuilt Joomla feature
  • Using Joomla Plugin for Image optimization
  • Using module for content optimization
Drupal SEO Optrimization
  • Using pathauto and rules for SEO friendly URL
  • Drupal Image optimization module
  • Drupal
Magento SEO Optimization
  • Use magento inbuilt features for SEO
  • Magento Title and Meta change
  • Magent Image optimization Module
  • Setting up WordPress blog through magento
Opencart SEO Optimization
  • How to make SEO friendly URL in OpenCart
  • Open cart module for title and meta optimization
  • Image optimization using open cart module
  • sitemap generation and also xml sitemap generation