Alecia Demner Is The Founder of The Stitched Up Heart Rock Band

Quick Facts of Alecia “Mixi” Demner

Do you love to listen to Metal and Rock music? If yes, then you must love to read about Alecia Demner, widely recognized as Mixi Demner. She is famous for forming the American rock band, Stitched Up Heart. She is active in the band as a metal vocalist and guitarist.

The 36 years old, Mixi signed a contract with Geffen Records in 2008. Also, she is a tattoo lover and has got different styles of tattoos all over her body. The famous musician has established an approximated net worth of $1 Million. Who is her boyfriend? Is she dating anyone at present?

Let’s discuss her biography in the lower sections. Stay tuned.

Early Life of Alecia “Mixi” Demner

Born and raised in Florida, the United States, Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner grew up with a great interest in music. Also, she has a younger brother. However, she has not talked about her family and siblings yet in front of the media. However, on 16th September 2019, she went to watch a game of Rams Vs Saints with her father as per her Instagram post.

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Alecia Demner wishes her father on the Happy Father's Day
Alecia Demner wishes her father on the Happy Father’s Day
Image Source: [email protected]

From an early age, she listened to rock and metal music and decided to pursue her career as an American rock musician. As a matter of fact, Alecia first picked up a guitar at the age of 15.

After moving to West Coast, Mixi went to join Anti Product Band. After that, she performed for a girls band, Dragstip Kitty. She collected a huge recognition and appreciation of the public at an initial phase of her music career.

Career Highlights

Struggling a long time in the hard and rock music field, Alecia went to appear on the Fuse TV. In the year 2008, she signed with Geffen Records and won the Redemption Song. Looking at her dedication and appearance, Alecia later found her stage name Mixi. Her single songs are also available on iTunes.

Alecia Demner performing in a concert
Alecia Demner performing in a concert
Image Source: [email protected]

Moreover, Mixi also released her two singles at the end of 2010. She is active on Instagram with over 54.2K followers and mostly posts her career-related updates. For Mixi, the music has always been a huge source of inspiration to her. Besides, she also keeps going on professional tours and has already performed in a variety of concerts.

Stitched Up Heart

Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner formed an American rock band, Stitched Up Heart in 2010 with her past members Mikey Alfero, David DiSarro, Andrew Carroll, Nikki Misery and many others. Mixi is active as a lead vocalist and guitarist in the band since 2010.

Mixi currently runs the band alongside the drummer, James Decker, Merritt Goodwin (lead guitarist), and Randy Mathias (bass guitarist). The band has performed music videos such as Is This The Way You Get To Hell?, Grave, Frankenstein, Monster, and Lost.


Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner is also famous for her different types of tattoos all over her body. She first made a tattoo on her body at the age of 16. Since then, she inked her whole body with the images of shooting stars and lightning. On 3rd April 2019, she uploaded a picture of her tattoos and captioned:

This Skin I’m in. I’ve painted scars all over it. To hide what’s inside. Can’t hide, can’t hide.

The inked body of Mixi Demner
The inked body of Mixi Demner
Photo Source: Mixiofficial

Whatsoever, Demner looks sexy and attractive with all her tattoos.

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Watch her interview about tattoos

Net Worth $1 Million

The metal musician, Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner is active on her career for a long time and reported to accumulate a net worth of over $1 Million as of 2019. Her main source of od income is her music profession and concerts. She will surely increase her capital in the near future. For now, she is focusing on her career and living a rich lifestyle.

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