Amabella Sophia Markert, Pauly D’ Daughter, Age

Amabella Sophia Markert, Pauly D’ Daughter, Age, Biography, Mother,Father and more. Being a celebrity is not always pleasant. On the one side, you have a life with people hovering around you and the blessings raining over you but the other side mainly relates to your privacy breach.

Celebs are regularly under observation. Almost anything out of the ordinary means a great scoop for media people and when a single guy suddenly reveals his daughter, it is bound to hit the headlines. The guy is Pauly D and his daughter reveal in 2013 is something you can enjoy with a cup of tea.

Amabella Struck The Internet

In 2013, a piece of certain news shocked the internet. It got announced that the famous DJ and Jersey Shore celebrity Pauly D had a daughter yet to get exposed to the media.

Well, the whole thing is more complicated than the simple fact of a daughter suddenly hitting the news. As it happens, the DJ had hooked up with a woman who lives in the same area as him. What?!

Pauly and Amanda share a daughter.

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