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Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a billionaire? Well, Eduardo Saverin is the best living example famous for his role as the co-founder of Facebook.

When Facebook was at its peak in 2012, Saverin owned about one-third of all outstanding shares of the multi-billionaire company. Thanks to his investment skills, Saverin belongs to the list of the wealthiest Brazilians. So, today we bring you all the details about Eduardo Saverin’s personal life, net worth, cars, and house. 

Eduardo Saverin: Lowkey Facebook Co-Founder

While the world knows Mark Zuckerberg as the face of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin was a lowkey co-founder of the social media site. He founded the site alongside fellow Harvard students, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Eduardo was the first-ever partner of Facebook. In fact, Zuckerberg asked him to deposit $15,000 in a bank account for both of them to host their site. On the part of Mark, it was a wise decision since the Brazilian belonged to a wealthy family and had the business expertise in him.

Thanks to the early financial support from the Brazilian, Facebook previously called TheFacebook went live in February 2004.

Eduardo Saverin Fell Out With Mark Zuckerberg

Saverin, despite being an integral part of Facebook’s origin, no longer works there. Surprisingly, he fell into conflict with Mark over the stakes and ownership of the company. As the first partner of Facebook, he was left distraught, being left out of a significant chunk of the company’s stocks.

YouTube: A scene from The Social Network reflecting Eduardo Saverin’s fall out and exit from Facebook

To be precise, the early signs on the fallout came from Saverin’s move to set up unauthorized ads about his new site in the network. Eventually, Mark decided to cut him out since he failed out to set up the company, get funding, and make a business model

What baffled many was Mark Zuckerberg’s dirty tricks to remove Saverin. He reduced the Brazilian’s stake by creating another new company, Delaware corporation, to acquire the older LLC company. Moreover, they would then distribute new shares in the new company to everyone besides Saverin.

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The plan ultimately worked against Eduardo’s favor diluting his stake from 24% to 10%, which led him furiously leaving the firm.

Eduardo Saverin’s Personal Life

The multi-billionaire angel investor, Eduardo Saverin, belongs to a wealthy Jewish Brazilian family. Born in the city of Sao Paulo to a real estate and clothing businessman father Roberto Saverin, it is no surprise from where his business instincts came. On the contrary, his mother, Sandra Saverin, was a certified psychologist. 

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Saverin, along with his two siblings Alexandre Saverin and Michele Saverin and parents, moved to Miami in 1993. While doing his academics, he went to the prestigious Harvard University for his bachelor’s degree. The decision was vital for his life since it was where he met Mark Zuckerberg before creating a world-changing application.

The Facebook co-founder, despite being a Brazilian, got his American citizenship in 1998, shortly after moving to the states. In 2009, he relocated to Singapore alongside his investment firm and renounced his US citizenship in 2011. While many claim the move was made to avoid a hefty tax of around $700 million, the investor, obviously denied those allegations in interviews

Eduardo Saverin is A Married Man

Yes, the 37-year-old Eduardo Saverin is a married man. He tied the knot with Elaine Andriejanssen, a Chinese Indonesian woman, on June 25, 2015. They exchanged their vows in a fancy ceremony in front of close friends and family in the French Rivera.

The billionaire’s wife herself belonged to a wealthy business family of Indonesia. She completed her academics at Raffles Girls’School and Tufts University. The duo fell in love and dated for sometime before getting engaged on March 27, 2014.

Although the married couple is yet to welcome any new member in their family, they surely will in the coming days. The Facebook co-founder, couldn’t be more excited about marrying the love of his life and wanted to start a new family.

I look forward to building a family together and to contributing our time and resources to make the world a better place.”

Saverin on his marriage with Elaine Andriejanssen.

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It was the work of destiny since the duo met while they were young and doing their high school. Thus, the two enjoy the best versions of themselves in their blissful married life

How Much is Eduardo Saverin’s Net Worth?

The Brazilian born business mastermind, Eduardo Saverin, is a billionaire. Courtesy of his widespread investments from Facebook to Aporta, he owns a staggering net worth of $11.4 billion as of February 2020. He currently owns 2% of Facebook, which has more than $2 billion monthly users and $56 billion in 2018.

The renounced American citizen took $2 billion alone from his stakes at Facebook in 2012.

The 37-year-old didn’t quit working following his Facebook exit, although his earnings would have been enough to live a lavishing life forever. He inspired a startup known as Silvercar and raised $14 million alongside Velos Partners.

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In the past year, his net worth status grew instantly from $9 billion to $11.4 billion. The fortune figure even hit the $12 billion mark for one of the wealthiest Singapore residents in January 2020.

What Could the Billionaire Own?

To breakdown the value of Eduardo Saverin’s $11 billion net worth. The Harvard graduate could own 7.30 million troy ounces of gold or 209 million barrels of crude oil.

Likewise, his bank balance is equivalent to 0.0555% of the annual GDP of the whole United States of America. Impressively, it is also 0.662% of the U.S. existing home sales.

Saverin currently backs a venture capital firm, named B Capital Group alongside fellow investor Raj Ganguly. The ambitious duo aims to help startups to gain prominence in the sector of health care, financial technology, and other areas. Impressively, they managed to raise $360 million in its first-ever funding itself.

Eduardo Saverin’s Playboy Lifestyle

Unlike many, Eduardo Saverin does full justice to his enormous net worth by living a luxurious life. He relocated to the heart of Asia, Singapore, where its a routine to party.

Saverin often hangs out at a private members bar named Filter at the Conrad Hotel. Only the well-accomplished and rich get entry to the bar. Similarly, the fantasy hangout invites the best DJ’s around the world to set up a pleasant environment. 

The paparazzi’s spotted him partying with dozens of models in St. Tropez back in August 2011. Surprisingly, he demonstrated his richness spending $50,000 alone on champagne. 

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Contrary to his former friend, Mark Zuckerberg, valued at $17 billion who prefers a lowkey life, Saverin is entirely different. 

The entrepreneur was also pictured at Bagatelle Brunch in Nikki Beach with three friends and ten beautiful women. Earlier, he, along with his friends, checked into the five-star Hotel Bylos for $8000 per night.

Saverin is Extremely Private

The family-man Eduardo Saverin prefers to live a life private to himself and close friends only. It was the same reason itself, which led him to relocate to Singapore. Contrary to the popularity and paparazzi’s in States, it was quite low in Asia, triggering him to take the move.

The Facebook founder provides high value to his privacy, so not everyone could get the opportunity to meet him. Only those who hold proper networking with his close friends or business partners get to meet him. 

Eduardo Saverin’s Luxurious Car Collection

The charismatic Eduardo Saverin has multiple car collection to show for his colossal fortune.

Saverin drives a Bentley around the streets of Singapore. Britain’s most admired car values around $190,000. Likewise, he also owns a luxurious Audi in his garage of high-speed vehicles.

The angel investor always held a serious interest in cars as he raised $14 million for Texas-based startup, Silvercar. The 2012 firm rented silver Audi A4’s in U.S airports.

Saverin’s Huge House

Eduardo Saverin owned a massive bungalow in Singapore. He bought the villa in August 2019 for a whopping figure of $167 million. The two-story main house included numerous balconies, red tile roof, a swimming pool, and a full-size tennis court. 

He acquired the super-penthouse in Singapore’s tallest residential building from Wing Tai chairman Cheng Wai Keung.

The former American citizen also owns another massive villa at Coral Gables, Florida. The president of Expomed Medical Co.’s villa includes a large garden, and since it locates just beside a sea, there is also a boat. 

Eduardo Saverin: Angel Investor Helping Many Startups

From Facebook itself, Eduardo Saverin held an interest in startups. He played a vital role in Zuckerberg’s Facebook in terms of financing to bring it to live. At that point, he just started the process of bringing many startups into operation.

He invested in early-stage startups like Qwiki and Jumio. Similarly, he co-founded an online portal for a charity named Aporta in 2010. The former Facebook executive continues to do his best work of closing the best deals and raising startups.

Entrepreneurship is really about passion. It really is not a job; it becomes your life.

Eduardo Saverin talks about his passion in entrepreneurship.

 Since Saverin is the co-founder and partner of Singapore based B Capital Group, and he provided his expertise to numerous new firms to dateThe billionaire closed deals worth $140 million in Asia for a logistic based startup Ninja Van in 2016.

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To be specific, some of their investments are Antler, Perx Technologies, Tech in Asia, and iVideoSmart.Moreover, he also partnered investments with Carro and INTURN.

The angel investor invested a significant sum of money in Rachel K – a cosmetics company. In fact, the startup belonged to Rachel Kum, a former Miss Singapore, pursuing a business in her passion.

Eduardo Saverin in Number of Boards  

Who wouldn’t want the man behind Facebook as their board member? A few firms enjoyed the opportunity as Saverin holds board and advisor roles in Mswipe Technologies and Carro.

YouTube: Eduardo Saverin at an interview talking about investment potentials.

The businessman is a chairman of Perx Technologies. Furthermore, he took the role of an advisor in Golden Gate Ventures since 2015.

Quick Facts: Eduardo Saverin

  • He attended at The Wall Street Journal D Live Laguna 2017 event as a speaker on October 16, 2017.
  • Saverin ranks third in Singapore’s 50 Richest people by Forbes 2019.
  • Surprisingly, he was a competitive chess player from 1997 to 2001.
  • He ruled out the story portrayed in the 2010 movie The Social Network as the truth and labels it as a ‘Hollywood fantasy.’
  • While he was studying at Harvard, he invested $300,000 in the oil industry.

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