Julie Cypher net worth is $500 Thousand

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Not all taste success despite doing their utmost best. Nevertheless, there are some like Julie Cypher who even though did not manage to go big as a filmmaker rose to fame doing something unusual, which in her case was as an LGBTQ rights activist.

The lady’s relationship with Melissa Lou Etheridge is the first-ever power couple in a same-sex relationship, and their relationship is compared frequently with that of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. So, who is she currently in a relationship with? Is She married? Or single? Let’s find out all!

Who is Julie Cypher?

Julie Cypher, the American filmmaker, artist, and an LGBT rights activist. She rose to fame after she terminated her marriage with her husband and declared that she was a lesbian.


Julie was famous for being in one of the very first publicly lesbian relationships. However, she rose to a massive controversy when she amended her statement after a decade and re-declared herself as straight.

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Putting aside the controversy, Julie appeared on an animal’s right campaign poster for PETA that said: We’d rather go Naked Than Wear Fur.

Is Julie Cypher Married? Or Is She Single? Does She Have Children?

Julie Cypher has been in a relationship with husband Matthew Hale since 2004. However, Julie’s history with her relationships shows a constant battle between her partners and her path to discover her true sexual orientation.

17 years before marrying Matthew Hale, Julie married to Lou Diamond Phillips. Consequently, she decided to end her marital relationship with the American actor and director, after realizing that she was attracted to women.

After her divorce, Julie was with a female partner, Melissa Lou Etheridge, an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and activist. But the couple never tied knots due to the legal system that prohibited the marriage of a same-sex couple.

During her partnership with Melissa Lou Etheridge, Cypher gave birth to two children via artificial insemination (Costing $300-$1000): a daughter, Bailey Jean, born on February 1997, and a son, Beckett Cypher, born on November 1998. Later the couple revealed that the biological father of both their children was the musician David Crosby who boasts a whopping net worth of $40 million.

Although Julie Cypher later revealed to Etheridge in a 1999 therapy session that she was not gay. Due to that reason, the couple split in September 2000.

How Much Is The Net Worth of Julie Cypher? What About Her Salary And Earnings?

From her many years in the field of entertainment, Julie Cypher has a net worth of $500 Thousand. She amassed a large fortune through her successful career in entertainment.

The average salary of an American actress is around $33 per hour and $50,235 in a year. Similarly, the annual average income of a filmmaker is $115,920.

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The female filmmaker’s former husband, Lou Diamond Phillips, in addition, is a well-known actor and director. He boasts a net worth of $6 million, as of 2019.

Know About Julie Cypher’s Body Measurements.

For a lady, Julie Cypher is quite tall and stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). Her eyes are dark brown while her hair is black.

Quick Facts: Julie Cypher

Where and when was Julie Cypher born?

Wichita, Kansas, United States August 24, 1964

Which nationality does Julie Cypher belong to?


Where did Julie Cypher receive her education?

The University of Texas Moon

What is Julie Cypher’s zodiac sign?


Which ethnicity does Julie Cypher belong to?


What color are the eyes of Julie Cypher?

Dark Brown

What is the color of Julie Cypher hair?


How old is Julie Cypher?

54 years old

How tall is Julie Cypher?

5 feet 9 inches.

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