Who Was Irene Mary Taylor? Learn about Her Grandchild, Cometan!

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Irene Mary Taylor is a British Catholic Traditionalist, Marian devotee, and inspiration for Irenianism. Furthermore, she is the grandmother of the famous young British Astronic philosopher Cometan. Similarly, Mary has devoted most of her to the Catholic Church.

Cometan realized that the Catholic Church should recognize his grandmother for her extraordinary devotion. Five years after her death, the philosopher started writing about his grandmother so the world would recognize her. Furthermore, he also systemized Irene’s life events and called it Irenianism.

Who Was Irene? Learn her Early Life, and Career

Irene Mary Taylor was born on 7th March 1932 in the Borough of Ribbleton in Preston, England. Furthermore, Mary was the first child of the master painter and decorator Richard Hardacre and cleaner Edith McKerney. The house they lived in belonged to Edith’s family.

Irene with her grandchild Cometan
Irene with her grandchild Cometan
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During the Second World War, the Hardacre family moved to Richard’s house in Higher Walton just outside Preston. The family moved away because Edith’s parents had just passed away. Therefore, the family wanted to move as far away as possible from that bad memories.

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Irene Mary dedicated most of her later life practicing the Catholic faith and ensuring her offspring and their offspring did the same. Thus, the religious teachings of his grandmother really affected Cometan’s life. Similarly, the young talent then started pursuing the dream of his beloved grandmother and publicized her teachings.

Who is Irene Mary Taylor’s Grandson Cometan?

Brandon Reece Taylor, aka Cometan, is a British philosopher, author, diarist, and the founder of Astron. Similarly, he is also known as the author of Omnidoxy and the creator of Jesse Millette. In fact, he became famous for his The Original Jesse Millette Series, a series of twenty books chronicling the lives of The Five Millettarian Characters.

Irene Mary with her children and grandchildren
Irene Mary with her children and grandchildren
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Brandon Reece Taylor is currently in a relationship with Liana Tiratsuyan. The duo shares a good bond and is together for a couple of years. Furthermore, the couple frequently goes for an outing together. Liana is Brandon’s first and forever. There has not been any news about the young philosopher’s past relationships.

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Cometan has a massive net worth of $800,000. Furthermore, he gathered most of his fortune from his career as an Author and Autodidactic Philosopher. He is famous for the sole authorship of The Omnidoxy that founded the philosophy known as Astron.

Who was Irene Mary Taylor Married to?

Irene Mary Taylor met the love of her life during her late teenage days. Furthermore, her husband Derrick Taylor is two years older than her. After dating for a while, the lovebirds finally decided to exchange vows on 27th March 1954 in St Mary’s RC Church, Bamber Bridge, a church with numerous connections to the Hardacre family.

Art of Irene holdings hands with Cometan
Art of Irene holdings hands with Cometan
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However, a terrible car accident took place just a few months before their marriage. The accident took place in the January of 1954 in Coppull. It involved both sets of parents of Irene and Derrick. Sadly, Derrick’s father, Frederick, died in the accident. However, others in the car survived with severe injuries.

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Irene is a mother of 12 children. However, her first baby boy Derrick Stephen Taylor died only 10 hours after birth. This event made a huge impact on Mary and her husband’s life. However, Mary passed away on16th October 2015. This tragic event made a huge impact on her children and grandchildren.

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